Our bureau is founded in 2005. It focuses on creating of the effective conceptual designs and concepts, as well as the development of design documentation to the stage "project" and "detail project".

BADR5 is the company of experienced architects, engineers and visualizers. Our team excels by highly aesthetic and ideological presentation of the material, punctual fulfillment of assumed obligations.

поселок на Кипре

Our principles
This principle means the culture of forward-thinking approach in the design. Responsible attitude towards the construction site, the environment, the participants of the project process, the people who will live in this building or use its resources, towards the future generations.
Owing to this principle, our completed projects prove to be exactly the same as they were planned on the designing stage.
·         Management of the project from the stage of conception to the stage of commissioning. The author's supervision.
·         Unifiedquality control for all projects.
·         All the required licensesof  self-regulatory organization.
·         Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the project. The concept of the investee project development.
03Project management.
We do our best to complete projects on time, build qualitatively and not to exceed the estimate. So, in order to provide this, we have:
·         Clearly defined goals of the project. TK. Liabilities.
·         Control of timeline,quality, communications, human resources, risks.
·         Network of variousmaterials distributors. Dealer`s discounts.
Peoplelikeour architecture. It is unusual, but does not cause irritation. We have mastered such styles as: Japanese minimalism, hi-tech, the Dutch-Scandinavian school of architecture. If you need a modern, stylish,unique house of European quality, then you should apply to us.
·         Mastering styles. Experiment and innovation.
·         Conceptual approach to design.
·         The concept of  "Smart aesthetics", Intelligent architecture